Counseling for Individuals, Parents & Families

Our work with parents focuses on helping you understand the unique challenges that your children experience. During our sessions we will discuss normal child development and focus on what we refer to as ‘the adoption overlay’ -- how adoption is impacting your child’s behavior.  We will explore the needs of your child as he navigates each stage of development.  We will discuss the core issues of adoption including grief, abandonment and loss and assess where your child is in coping with these emotions.


Parents have described leaving each session with decreased feelings of anxiety, techniques for improving communication, greater insight into their child’s behavior and strategies to use between sessions.

Our work with adolescents 14 and older employs techniques which enable them to open up and explore their feelings.  This may include role play, art, journaling and meditation.  We help your teen develop insight into some of their “hot buttons” –- feelings which may trigger uncomfortable behaviors.  We also help develop strategies to cope with the unique challenges they are facing.

Our work with families utilizes all of theses techniques as they apply to the  specific challenges they are experiencing.

Our clients have said. “I have seen several therapists and they just didn’t understand some of the issues my child was struggling with.  I am so grateful that I found Touched By Adoption. They are adoption experts!"

Email us if you are interested in finding out more about how we can work with your family.